A table-top role-playing game for 3-5

2-3 hours

No GM, No dice, No prep

From designer (and former bookstore barista) Marc Hobbs, No Boundaries is a story game about dysfunctional relationships in retail hell.

The printed word is dead and everybody knows it. But that won’t stop the bigwigs at Corporate from trying to salvage their investments and keep the shareholders from jumping ship.“We’ll turn this thing around in twelve months!” they boasted in the latest earnings report.

It’s all bullshit.The writing is on the wall, no pun intended.

We, the workers at Boundaries Books & Cafe, know we probably won’t have jobs a year from now. For some of us that would be no big deal. For others it’s the end of an era, a change nobody wanted and no one is ready for. How will each of us get through this last chaotic year at the bookstore?



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In No Boundaries you play as low-level employees of a failing bookstore called Boundaries Books & Cafe. The story takes place over a year as the suits at corporate try to stave off bankruptcy; every three months, management implements a stupid new plan to “save” the company, which always goes awry. 

It’s a game about  unstable people dealing with the slog of a low-paying retail or food service job, where every worker is little more than a replaceable cog in a slowly-rusting machine—funny, yet poignant.

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