A game about a Detective and their Hat

4 players, 2-3 hours

No GM, No dice, No prep

In Fedora Noir, you create the story of a flawed private investigator in the style of a film noir. Players take on the roles of the Detective, their Partner, their Flame – and their Hat, the Detective’s sharp mind and inner voice. Together, players explore the Detective’s messy life against the backdrop of a difficult case.

In Fedora Noir, two players share control of the story’s main character: the Detective and the Hat.

The Detective role-plays a private eye on a case, narrating their actions and speech. But here’s the catch – the person role-playing the Detective doesn’t get to say what they think. That’s the Hat’s job.

Throughout the game, the Hat narrates the Detective’s thoughts, memories, and feelings, providing a voiceover for your story in classic film noir fashion.

The other two main characters – the Partner and the Flame – provide the Detective with personal relationships. People to care about… or disappoint.

The camera shows a face hidden in shadow. A match flares, lighting up the features for an instant. Smoke swirls away as the sun sets in the distance.

The Detective steps out of the shadow, her weary eyes looking out over the city. She puts on a creased and faded Hat, and walks into the night.

It’s time to get to work

The game emulates classic detective film noir – the corrupt authorities, twisted cases, friends you can’t quite trust – as players create their own unique stories.

The game has a short set-up and tight act structure, so you can tell a complete story in the time it would take you to watch a movie. You’ll create a different story each time you play – different cases, different settings, different characters.

Play online using the Story Synth card deck.

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