A table-top role-playing game for 3-5 players

2-3 hours

No GM, No dice, No prep

Epitaph is an intimate look at the events that shape a person’s life. During play, you’ll explore the timeline of someone who has died (called the Departed) in order to gain gradual insight into their world, their identity, and their history. Ultimately you’ll come to know, understand, and empathize with them in a deep, complex way.

Epitaph is GMless and requires no prep before play—just grab your friends around a table or via video chat, open the book, and start creating. The game features a variable level of role-playing commitment: on your turn you can describe a moment in time, create and play a scene with others, or give an interactive monologue as one of the characters from the story.

The tone of the game is up to the players—it can be anything from lighthearted and goofy to bittersweet and tragic. Epitaph puts you inside the mind of a very ordinary person and leaves you feeling like you knew them.

Epitaph was funded on Kickstarter.

If you are interested in learning more about the game, contact Marc at lessthanthreegames@gmail.com

Online play template (opens a Google Doc template).

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