Short Games

Short role-playing games for groups of various sizes. No prep, no GM.

One Missed Call

One Missed Call is a story game for two players about loved ones separated by space, drifting apart or growing closer. You'll play as two people in a long-distance relationship with one another, and you'll try to convey your feelings for the other character while sitting back-to-back. One Missed Call explores the words we say and the emotions we leave unspoken when trying to make long-distance work.

2 players, about an hour

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Rogue Wizard Warrior

Rogue Wizard Warrior is a rad fantasy game where we're an amazing adventuring party dropped in this week's exciting module! Trouble is, the modules are all mundane 21st century jobs, so you're baically a wizard who has to serve coffee to NPCs for the day. Does your thieving rogue have what it takes to fill out forms in triplicate? Will your warrior survive the morning rush?

3-6 players, 30-45 minutes

Rogue Wizard Warrior is currently in playtesting.

Email if you'd like to participate!

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